Trinity Human Rights Group

Our Mission

The Trinity Human Rights Group provides a solutions-oriented platform for research, consultancy, training, policy-work, education, and partnership towards the prevention of human rights violations while protecting human rights victims, with a particular focus on labor trafficking.

About Trinity

The Trinity Human Rights Group was formed due to the shared passion Our Team possesses for implementing actual solutions towards eradicating the scourge of labor trafficking globally and in the United States.

While the issues of human trafficking have become more prevalent in films and mainstream media, much of the focus has been on sex trafficking. No one type of trafficking case is more important than another. In 2014, however, the International Labour Organization estimated that globally labor trafficking occurs twice as often as sex trafficking; they concluded that 68% of all human human trafficking falls into the category of labor trafficking. There is, therefore, a pool of victims and survivors who are often overlooked – victims and survivors of labor trafficking.

Trinity believes that most Americans are unaware of the cost of human life used to supply our food, goods, and clothing. An increased awareness can lead to a change in policy and in the U.S. consumption of goods produced from slave labor. Our Team proffers solutions and tools necessary to eradicate labor trafficking from every facet of everyday life. We are a new voice to assist in the global effort to combat labor trafficking around the world and in the U.S. supply chain.

Our Team

Each of our Executive Advisers are Subject Matter Experts, who bring distinct expertise and experience critical to combating human trafficking, whether it be in corporate forensic accounting, financial crime and compliance, government contracting compliance, criminology and prosecution, law, children's rights, education (TESOL or ESL), environmental policy, or first-responder victim assistance. Our Team of Research Analysts is comprised doctors of humanities, doctoral candidates, national and international attorneys, law students, and graduate and undergraduate students. Collectively, Trinity's experience includes 70 training sessions, work shops, and events to over 2,100 people on combating human trafficking, as well as over 40 years of combined research and publishing experience. The diversity of Trinity’s team contributes to its expansive experience and well-rounded background, ensuring that we holistically evaluate and impact the various issues that arise under labor trafficking violations.

Trinity's Board of Directors are attorneys or have earned a PhD in Environment Sustainability. Trinity is supported by Executive Advisers — from corporate forensic compliance experts to government contracts experts, from educators to National Human Trafficking Hotline operators, — all who bring their own unique expertise to rectify abuses and assist human rights victims and survivors. Our Trainers have given hundreds of formal trainings and other educational public speaking engagements on various human rights issues, including combating human trafficking. Our trainers are fluent in English, Amharic, Spanish, French, Hindi, Punjabi, and Indonesian. Finally, Trinity's Research Analysts provide critical research to develop in-depth and viable solutions, which support the organization's consulting services and training program. With its Communications Specialists, Trinity expands its sphere of influence by offering interactive training sessions and outreach on social media.

The entire Trinity team would like to give our special appreciation to the law firm of Duane Morris LLP, who graciously provides Trinity pro bono legal counsel on its incorporation, 501(c)(3) application, and other limited issues.